2. External View


Glossary for defining terms found in this manual and on the unit screen or app screen –

  • ch (channel):
    • 1. Channel means each HDMI input. You can see the embossed number of each HDMI input on the back panel of the unit. For example if you connect to HDMI #1 then it will be called ch1.
    • 2. Channel can also mean the saved shortcut of each transition effect.
  • Home screen (unit): The main screen of the unit LCD. You can move to the [Edit] screen, [Recording] screen, [Transition speed] screen, [Volume] screen and [Setting] screen from the [Home] screen.
  • [OK] button (unit): The enter button at the center of the control wheel. In some menus transition button #4 is used as the enter button.
  • [Back] button (unit): The back button typically navigates back to upper level of each menu.
  • Main: The main screen is the background (larger) screen in PinP or Chroma key operation.
  • Sub: The sub screen is the foreground (smaller) screen in PinP or Chroma key operation.