5-11. Reading Files from an SD Card

An SD card slot is located on the back of the unit back of the unit, .jpeg/.jpg or .png picture files (1280×720 pixels or smaller) saved directly onto the SD card will be displayed on HDMI CH4. If the picture file is bigger than 1280×720 pixels, it will be resized before being displayed. *It is recommend that you use files 1280×720 pixels or smaller to avoid issues when resizing.

How to Setup

Tapping the SD icon will display a list of files saved on the inserted SD card. Tap a filename to preview the image.


You can pinch zoom out/zoom in on the selected image.




Also to move the image tap and drag if the image smaller than the maximum resolution.

After tapping [OK], tap the SD icon to exit and the selected image will be displayed on HDMI CH4. An SD card icon will be visible on the top left of the HDMI CH4 display.


If the image is smaller than maximum size then around the space will fill with the specific color you set in [Settings].