5-2. Application View

iOS app view


Android app view


  1. Preview touch area: ch1 to ch4 HDMI preview screens and touch operations are available.
  2. Switching slider: HDMI ch1 to ch4 switching can be controlled by the sliders.
  3. Mode: Switch between [REC], [LIVE], [INPUT], [OUTPUT]
  4. Information: Displays the current operation, current settings and network connectivity. From top left to bottom left the items displayed are network connectivity, frame rate, network speed and live streaming time.
  5. Effect channel area: Assign a maximum of 9 (8 in Android) effects. The [CUT], [MIX] and [FTB] effects are fixed and cannot be changed or edited.
  6. Tool Area
    • SETTING: Access the Settings screen to confirm and modify app and unit settings (resolution, network etc…)
    • SD: Access SD card screen and set input source
    • AUDIO: Audio mixing control screen
  7. Master audio control
    • Audio ON/OFF: Set master audio to on or off
    • Volume: Set master volume
  8. HDMI/AUX audio control (Android only): Set each HDMI/AUX audio ch to on or off.