6-7. YouTube Live (Event) Setup

Preparing for YouTube Live (on the YouTube Website)

Note: These steps below are as of Mar. 2016, Cerevo cannot control any future YouTube website design changes.

  1. Login to YouTube, click your account pictogram on the top right of the screen and click the [Creator Studio] button.
  2. Click [LIVE STREAMING] from the left side of menus.
  3. If you haven’t created your own channel before, you will see this pop-up window, click [CREATE CHANNEL].
  4. The first time to create your own channel Google will request you verify your account with via Phone (SMS) authentication. Click [Get started] and follow the authentication steps.

  5. Agree with the terms and conditions.
  6. Proceed to LiveWedge Dashboard setup.

Streaming Settings

Tap the [SETTINGS] button on the top right of the Dashboard main screen and you will see the [Streaming settings] menu.

Dashboard Setup

  1. Select [YouTube Live] from the [Broadcasting Service] dropdown menu.
  2. If you didn’t associate your LiveWedge account with your Google account, you see account settings dialog window. Tap the [Connect] button and proceed to Google authentication, after that re-select [YouTube Live].
  3. Next, you will set the event schedule and stream resolution. Tap [Create new event] and enter the event information.
  4. You can set the below basic items from Dashboard, advanced settings can be set in the [Events] page (on YouTube).
  5. In Privacy settings section, you can set [Public], [Unlisted] and [Private].
    • Public:
      The streaming is public and anybody can search and watch.
    • Unlisted:
      The streaming is public but not listed in search results or on your channel.So only those who know the broadcasting address can watch the stream.
    • Privete:
      The streaming won’t appear on your channel or search results and will be invisible to other users.
  6. DVR feature allows viewing audience to pause, rewind, and play from any point in the event up to 4 hours before the actual live streaming.If you would like to enable this feature, check [Enable DVR].
  7. Tap [Create new stream], set the broadcasting resolution.We recommend to use 720p for LiveWedge.And tap [Save] to save setting.
  8. Tap [Save and set as default] and close the settings window.
  9. Then you will see Dashboard main screen and [Preview YouTube Live] button. First, tap [START LIVE] on the bottom-right and then tap [preview YouTube Live].
  10. [Preview YouTube Live] will change to [Broadcast YouTube Live]. Click [Broadcast YouTube Live] to start live streaming.
  11. Note: When you click [Finish YouTube Live], the live stream will end and cannot restart. You will need to create another event to start live streaming again.