5-5. Mix Operation

Choose [MIX] from the effect channel.

To automatically switch to a display using the MIX effect, tap twice on the video display you would like to switch to. (Auto MIX)


If you would like to change the duration of the mix switching effect, long press [MIX] to bring up the selection box. (Default setting is 1.0 second)


Use the sliders to manually switch to a video display, the timing is controlled by the speed you adjust the slider. (Manual MIX)


To display a circular slider for more precise switching, slide your finger to the left or right while over one of the four switching sliders. (Wheel MIX)


The initial setup of the wheel mixer is 1 spin = 100%. However this can be changed by touching [SETTING] and going to [App Setting]. Increasing the number of spins allows for more precise mixing.


*The MIX and WIPE effects are both changed using the same wheel spin setting.