PREVIEW OUT video does not output

LiveWedge should output video and audio from PREVIEW OUT when a HDMI input device (ex. monitor) is connected to PREVIEW OUT.

There may be cases where LiveWedge cannot output video from PREVIEW OUT.
Please check the following guide if video is not played.

<Point 1>
Make sure you have the latest firmware.

If you do not have the latest firmware, please try updating and then check if the problem is resolved.
For information on how to check and update firmware, see the following links.

*How to check the current LiveWedge firmware version
*Firmware update

<Point 2>
Make sure that your video input device is set to a supported resolution.

Please check this link for more information on supported HDMI input formats.  Any resolutions and frame rates not listed may cause video problems.

<Point 3>
Make sure video is not HDCP encoded.

LiveWedge does not support HDCP. LiveWedge will not work correctly if input video is HDCP encoded.

<Point 4>
Make sure that your video intput device (e.g camera, PC, etc.)  and cable are not defective.

<Point 5>
Please try to reinsert the input cable and reboot LiveWedge, then check if the problem is resolved.

If you cannot solve the problem

Please contact our support team ( and include the following information.

  • That sound is not played from PROGRAM OUT or PREVIEW OUT
  • You have already checked the points above.
  • When the problem first happened and any other solutions you have tried.