If you encounter a problem not listed in the manual

If you encounter a problem not listed in the online manual, please contact our support team (support-global@cerevo.com) and include the following information.

  • What kind of problem has occurred. If possible, please send videos, photos or URL for your live streaming site to clarify the problem.

  • The current firmware version and tablet app version you are using.

    For more information on how to check the current firmware version see the links below.
    *How to check LiveWedge firmware version
    *How to check tablet app version

  • Which tablet and OS version you use (e.g. iPad Air/iOS9.0, Nexus 7/Android 6.0)
  • Is the LiveWedge connected to wired LAN or wireless LAN. If wireless LAN, which device or router are you connected to.

  • If you are using any HDMI splitters or converters.

  • Which broadcasting service you are using (Ustream, YouTube Live, etc.).

  • When the problem first happened and any other solutions you have tried.